Therapeutic intervention can be the first step to a new beginning for your child and your family.

Happiness and healing are possible. An education consultant can help you chart the best course and stay with you every step of the way.

Parent Testimonials

“It’s so reassuring to understand that there is this resource.”

“We really started in knowing our child had a terrible need for help but not knowing exactly where we were going to turn to. And he [our consultant] guided us through.”

“They’ve looked at lots of programs and lots of places and they have an understanding of which ones might be good for the issues a child might have.”

“You hear all kinds of stories about programs and you want to know that you’re not ending up at a program that has a less than reputable record.”

“Although an ed consultant seems like a lot of money it’s really a down payment on a much, much bigger investment.”

“I can’t imagine not making that investment in my child. It was the right choice. It was totally the right choice.”

“It was an investment, and I’ve never regretted it.”

“It’s great to find out about the options and that you have that resource.”

“I knew what my boy needed. I knew what my boy wanted. And I compared those two things with the suggestions that we received from the educational consultant.”

“The education consultant that I worked with knew the clinical directors, had relationships with them and knew their histories, so it’s not just somebody starting off brand new.”